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  1. Make sure the lawyer you hire is an attorney in good standing with the Georgia Bar. Click on this link and type in the name of the lawyer.


  1. One of the best resources for finding a lawyer is Choose the category and State, and peruse the profiles of lawyers.  The Avvo site is a serious site and gives comprehensive information about the lawyer. The rating is not always indicative of the best lawyers. Read the reviews. Websites like Yelp, Thumbtack, Yellow Pages, Manta and BBB are not as informative as


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  1. Search for “Georgia Uncontested Divorce Attorneys” in Google. You will be greeted with many advertisements for divorces absurdly low prices like $149. These are document preparation services. They are not lawyers and cannot represent you in court if necessary. Their forms are no better than the ones you can download for free from your county website.  Search further down in the “organic” listings – not advertising. Go to the websites and see whether the lawyers are dedicated to uncontested divorces and are clear about their fees. Any family law lawyer can file an uncontested case, but few are organized to do just that. Many firms have good size staffs with receptionists, assistants, paralegals, interns, etc. You pay for all that and it’s reflected in the cost and speed with which they handle your uncontested case.


  1. Select a lawyer that offers a flat fee for his/her services. Retainers are for contested divorces, where the amount of time to be spent and difficulty of the case is unknown.


  1. Select a lawyer that will avoid a final hearing if possible. All cases without children do not require a final hearing. About 1/2 the case with children do require a final hearing, and there may be an extra charge.

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